3phase motor step driver  
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JK3MD2207 is a type of 2 phase hybrid stepper motor driver, this driver input voltage is 110V~220V AC. Suit for current less than 7.0A, diameter is 110mm ,130mm 3 phase hybrid stepper motor . The motor run smoothly.  It is widely used in CNC machine, robots, cutting machine, packing machine, plotter, engraving machine and so on.


*supply voltage from 110VAC~220VAC

*Opto-isolated signal I/O

*Over voltage, under voltage, over current, phase short circuit protection

*16channels subdivision and automatic idle-current reduction

*16channels output phase current setting

*low noise, low hot

*mainly for 110mm and 130mm 3 phase stepper motor

Mechanical Specification

Input Voltage     110~220V AC

Output current    1.3A~7.0A

Temperature      working temperature -10°~45°,stockingtemperature ~20°~70°

Humidity         Not condensation, no water droplets

Gas             Prohibition of combustible gases and conductive dust

Weight          2300g


Mechanical Dimension (mm)


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