Servo driver  
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External input pulse

Pulse/direction,CW/CCW,A/B 2-phase

Maximum command pulse frequency

500Kpps(differential input)

Electrical gear


Command pulse input disable

Command pulse input is disabled when the corresponding bit is effective and can be set through parameters.

Internal position command

16 kinds of position setting



External speed reference

0~±10V DC

Zero speed clamp

Speed is controlled to zero by this function.

Speed control range


Internal speed reference

4 kinds of speed reference setting

Torque control

External torque command

0~±10V DC

Internal torque command

4 kinds of torque setting

Torque control range

External torque command:0~300%

Internal torque command:0~300%

Drive disable

When signal CCWL/CWL  is active,motor keeps zero-speed and maintains the torque in CCW/CW direction.

Monitoring function

Speed, position, command pulse accumulation, position error, motor torque, motor current, rotor position, command pulse frequency, operation status, input/output terminal signal

Protection function

Over-voltage, low-voltage, over-current, over-speed, over-load, Z-pulse missing, encoder error, EEPROM error, position error exceed.

Alarm function

Output alarm signal when abnormal operation happens. All 5 LEDs’ decimal points keep blinking at the same time.

Signal display

ON/OFF status of the I/O signal are displayed

Gain tuning

Gain can be adjusted to improve the motor performance when motor is running or stop.

Alarm record

4 alarm records including the present one are memorized.



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